Team Swalecliffe



Rachel - Co Owner

Rachel has been working in childcare for many years and holds a level 4 qualification in early years. She is passionate about the ABC Settings and is always striving to ensure children are provided with the best care possible.

Michelle - Co Owner

Michelle holds a level 4 qualification in early years and is currently studying towards her level 5. Michelle has worked in child care for a long time and embraces her role. She is at the core of all ABC activity and ensures that all of the nursery’s run smoothly.

Julie - Manager

SJulie holds a level 5 Qualification in early years and has many years’ experience in child care. Julie has bounds of energy and loves being with the children. She is passionate about her role and inspires the team.

Kathy - Deputy Manager

Kathy has been working in childcare for over 20 years. She holds a level 3 qualification and is one of the most experienced members of the team. Kathy is a positive role model for adults and children alike and is an asset to the team.

Hayley - SENCo

Hayley is qualified to a level 3. She has been working at ABC for 5 years and has now taken on the role of SENCo. Hayley has developed extensive knowledge in special educational needs and has a vital role in the setting.


Teresa - Key Workers

Teresa initially started work at ABC extra out of schools club before joining the nursery team. She is qualified to a level 2 and is a hardworking, competent member of the team..she is extremely popular with both children and adults because of her mad funny nature.

Holly - Key Workers

Holly initially came to us as a student who we saw a huge potential in so could not let go. She has now completed her level 3 qualification and is superb in her role as key person. Anyone who knows Holly can’t help but to adore her.

Mandy - Key Workers

Mandy has worked in early years for a long time, she holds a level 3 qualification and is extremely knowledgeable in her role. Mandy enjoys being with the children and thrives on their happiness.

Abbie - Key Workers

Abbie has been at ABC since the early 2015 and has embraced her role as key person. Abbie has a lovely calm nature with the children and is really able to get the best from them.

Lauren - Key Workers

Lauren started off as a volunteer and a play worker in our out of schools club. She has worked hard and loves a challenge. Lauren is now studying for her level 3 qualification.