Team Swalecliffe


– Co Owner

Rachel has been working in childcare for many years and holds a level 4 qualification in early years.
She is passionate about the ABC Settings and is always striving to ensure children are provided with the best care possible.

– Co Owner and SENDCo

Michelle holds a level 5 qualification in early years and has worked in child care for a long time. She is at the core of all ABC activity and ensures that the nursery runs smoothly. Michelle is also our SENDCo, a position she has held for over 6 years and she therefore has a wealth of knowledge in the area, having worked with a wide range of needs and professionals.

– Manager

Sam holds a level 3 Qualification in early years and has many years experience in childcare. Sam has been a valued member of the ABC team for over 10 years. Sam loves being with the children and is passionate about her role. Sam is an excellent motivator for the team and works well to inspire them and the children.

– Deputy Manager

Kathy has been working in childcare for 19 years and is qualified to a level 3 diploma in pre-school practice. Kathy enjoys going on trips with the children, exploring the local area. Kathy says ‘Its fun watching and helping the children to flourish through play. I enjoy interacting with their play as they all have such great imaginations.’

Teresa- Key Worker

Teresa initially started work at ABC extra out of schools club before joining the nursery team. She is qualified to a level 2 and is a hardworking, competent member of the team. She is extremely popular with both children and adults because of her mad funny nature.

– Key Worker

Mandy is qualified to level 3 and has been working in childcare for 22 years. Mandy says ‘The best part of my job is watching the children grow and become independant. I enjoy working with all the staff, we are a great team.

– Key Worker

Abbey has worked at ABC for 5 years and is looking forward to completing her level 3 NVQ. Abbie says ‘I really enjoy being a key person, watching the children grow and develop in their early years and working well as a team.’

– Key Worker

Pauline has worked within a nursery environment for 17 years she also has experience working with children with a variety of complex needs. She is qualified to NVQ level 3, and has worked at ABC since 2016. Pauline says ‘One of my strengths is my knowledge of makaton. It is a great non-verbal way of communicating that the children and adults use to make their needs known and enhance their learning.’

– Key Worker

Lesley is from Liverpool and moved to Whitstable 30 years ago. Lesley has achieved a level 2 in childcare. Lesley has two daughters who attended local schools and colleges, including Swalecliffe school. Lesley says ‘Its such a pleasure to be back at Swalecliffe as it holds such fond memories for me. I’m so glad for the opportunity to be able to implement my learning at ABC pre-schools.’

– Key Worker

Whilst at college Molly did her work placement at ABC Beltinge, and she then joined the Swalecliffe team in January 2016. Molly is currently working towards a Level 3 qualification in early years. Molly says ‘I love being a key person and realy enjoy helping the children learn through their play.’

– Key Worker

Hayley has worked in childcare for a number of years. Hayley works at ABC extra and in the pre-school. She has a caring nature and enjoys watching the children grow and develop

– Key Worker

Amanda has a level 3 diploma in childcare.
She has been with ABC since January 2017. Amanda says ‘I really enjoy being a key person and helping the children grow and develop through play.’





– Key Worker

Karen joined the ABC team in January 2016. Karen is currently studying to achieve Level 3 diploma as an early years practitioner. Karen says ‘Knowing that I am able to make children feel safe, help them to thrive and watch them blossom is the most rewarding part of my role.’

– Key Worker

Annabelle started at the after school club in 2016, and joined the nursery in 2017 as an apprentice to study for her level 3 qualification in early years. Annabelle says ‘I love being a key person because I get to help the children learn and grow through play and sing songs all day.’

– Key Worker

Lisa has worked in childcare for around 9 years, after working as a supply staff member for ABC for the past year she joined the team permanently in January 2019 as a keyworker. Lisa has a lovely gentile nature with the children and they respond in a really positive matter to her.


Dani has worked in childcare for 13 years and is qualified to NVQ level 3 in childcare. She recently returned to ABC after having twin boys. Dani’s role is split between the main setting and the office. Dani says ‘I love getting the opportunity to work with such a great mixture of children, and helping children to develop their knowledge and imagination is incredibly rewarding.’