Daily Routine Swalecliffe

What do we do?

All of the children self register as they arrive by scanning their name petal and placing it on a registration board, the children also have their own pegs and boxes with their pictures on to encourage independence when looking after their own belongings.

The children are then free to choose the activities they wish to participate in. Our experienced staff team actively encourage the children to make their own choices, and support them throughout their play. The children are offered a good range of adult led and child initiated play activities throughout the session. We always offer a range of art & craft activities, and experiences to compliment the areas of learning as detailed in the EYFS. We have an open door policy for our garden meaning the children have access all year round to a full range of activities outside of the settings.

At snack time the children are encouraged to choose their own snack items from a range of healthy foods laid out for them. We also encourage the children to pour their own drinks, we offer milk or water, we are able to accommodate any allergies and offer milk alternatives. Children are then encouraged to put their empty plates and cups in a bowl for washing up. We believe that these experiences promote the independence of the children.


Following snack time, is more play, learning and development time. We have physical play equipment such as a trampoline, trikes, scooters, balls etc which are available for use at any time. Our outside space has a lovely play house, giant tyres that the children can use to sit on or jump across. In the warmer weather we sometimes have our circle time outside, and during the snowy weather we have a couple of sledges that the children use to pull each other around on!


At the end of a very busy morning session the children going home sit together with staff members to be collected by parents when they arrive. If your child is staying for a full day with us they must bring a packed lunch.


If your child is coming in for afternoon sessions only, they are welcome to bring lunch in with them, we understand how difficult it is to eat lunch before 11.45am, when our afternoon children arrive, they join in with the other children at play to start then we all sit for lunch together. All of the children staying for lunch wash their hands before eating. The children and staff always sit down and eat lunch together, this really is a lovely social time for all of us! Our staff are on hand to help with lunch boxes and opening sandwiches etc, but many of the children love to open their own lunches. It makes them feel very grown up! We have a strict no nuts policy as we have some children with allergies so please consider this when you pack up your childs lunch.

After lunch the activities and fun start all over again the same as the morning session.


Our collection time is from 2:45-3pm. If your child is going to school in September then they will be seated with an adult in the construction to the left of the walk way, if your child is not going to school in September then they will be sat in the cosy corner to the right of the walk way. Please wait for an adult to send your child to you, and then you can collect their bag, coats, lunches and all other belongings from their named peg and box. Their individual sign in card will be in the section above their peg, please encourage your child to ‘beep’ out as they leave and return their card to the box.