Daily Routine ABC Longrock

What do we do?

We have a range of activities and experiences available to children on a daily basis. Children self register as they arrive by placing their name petal on a big flower, the children are then free to choose the activities they wish to participate in. The staff actively encourage the children to make their own choices, and support them throughout their play. We always offer a range of art & craft activities, and experiences to compliment the areas of learning as detailed in the EYFS.

The children are encouraged to choose their own snack items from a range of healthy foods laid out for them. Following snack time, is more play, learning and development time. The children then sit together in a circle for a quiet story time. This includes reading to the children, encouraging them to participate through the use of puppets and props, and may include song time using instruments etc. Physical play is avaliable throughout the session, where a whole range of equipment from a climbing frame and slide, to stepping stones, tunnels, trikes, scooters, parachute games is avaliable... the list is endless!

Our approach to education

We aim to help all of the children become social, polite young people ready for the challenges that later life holds.