Daily Routine ABC Extra

At breakfast club there is a range of cereals available (we have some alternative milks, if your child requires them please let us know.)as well as a variety of toast, muffins, and crumpets. Breakfast is served until 8:25. If the children are not having breakfast then there is a big range of activities available to them to fill their time until they go over to school. Staff walk the children over to school and ensure that they all get to their classrooms safely.

The out of schools club is run from the ABC Pre School building on the grounds of Swalecliffe Primary School. We are also lucky enough to have the use of the School playgrounds and field.

Children free choose activities at ABC Extra such as art and crafts, board games, sports and cooking. Children help with the planning of activities at ABC Extra through discussion and meetings and ideas are recorded and acted upon. The emphasis is on fun…we want our children to have fun whilst in a safe and friendly environment.

All of the children are offered a healthy snack whilst at ABC Extra. They self serve their snack and drinks which are on offer throughout the sessions.

ABC Extra opening hours:

Breakfast club 7.45am – 8.45am

After School club 3.00pm – 6pm

Holiday club 8.00am – 5.30pm

Contact ABC Pre School for bookings;
01227 280444